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Zwick USA provides solutions that enable intelligent testing of thermoplastics, thermosets, composite materials and parts comprised of fiber-reinforced composites. Zwick offers a complete line of turnkey testing solutions for plastics that range from static testing systems to melt flow testers and impact testers. The company has also pioneered the development of next generation contact and non-contact extensometers and novel solutions for non-ambient characterization of composites.

Zwick Aflow System






  • Zwick's new Aflow system plastometer maximizes efficiency for melt index testing. Push-button cleaning and defined pre-compacting routines free operators to address other tasks, while the system's automatic parameter control feature selects the test parameters and minimizes measurement errors.

  • Multi-stage tests according to ASTM D1238, Method D are also possible with a single barrel filling. The Aflow system is well-suited for large volume compounders and raw material processors that must maintain a rapid pace of testing without sacrificing accuracy.

Mflow System








  • Also within the company's Xflow series of melt index testers is the modular Mflow system. This system offers flexibility, as it may be fitted with extrudate cutters, a displacement transducer for MVR measurement and a weight-lifting unit. The Mflow system supports quality control programs for compounders, processors and smaller volume raw material producers.

HIT Pendulum Impact Testing Systems from Zwick








  • HIT pendulum impact testing systems from Zwick have been engineered to dampen vibration, delivering the utmost in accuracy. Dual carbon rods within each pendulum increase pendulum stiffness and minimize vibration, leading to excellent dynamic characteristics. Optional automation of specimen handling supports maximum efficiency where high levels of throughput are required.

Zwick's Static Line








  • Zwick's static line of materials and component test machines are exceptionally accurate and reliable. Smart features such as automatic load cell recognition and storage of the entire test environment minimize changeover time and ease operator transitions in the test lab. The availability of Standard Test Programs simplifies the setup process to a few clicks. Pre-stored protocols are in compliance with the test standards required by your application.

Composites Testing








  • The latest innovation in composites testing is now available in Zwick's powerful new Allround-Line system, which supports more than 20 different types of tests in compliance with over 100 test standards. Modular design, in combination with a wide range of grips and fixtures designed specifically for composites testing, enables even highly complex tests to be performed on a single platform.



Zwick / Roell

Visit the Zwick USA website to learn more about Zwick solutions for plastics and composites and to view videos of Zwick testing machines in operation.


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